Since 1981 we have been giving life and concreteness to what you imagine to be your ideal home, going well beyond the simple signing of a contract.
In this way, we transform every single research, every single sale, into a new challenge which in turn comes alive in the realization of that dream which was initially only imagined.
This represents the heart of our commitment, which is always alive and passionate, despite the fact that 40 years have gone by since the beginning of our history.

Our secret?

We believe in what we do and approach our work with dedication and passion, a spirit of continuous collaboration and above all resilience, adapting ourselves to constant changes.

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent species that survive, but the one that adapts best to change”.
Charles Darwin - 1859
Our team is made up of professionals registered in the "Role of Business Agents in Mediation", and each sector is managed by a manager assisted by
a staff of collaborators so as to offer you the best possible consultancy all the way up to what we could define “the last act”!

Sector managers

  • Achille Sbardella Siniscalchi

    Founder and CEO
    Fondatore e Amministratore

  • Fabio Luminiello

    Accounting Manager and Urban/Land registry Expert
    Responsabile Contabilità e Pratiche Urbanistico Catastali

  • Paola Monteverdi

    Sales Manager
    Responsabile Vendite

  • Francesca D'Asaro

    Front Office and HR Manager
    Responsabile Front Office e Risorse Umane

  • Patrizia Sciuti

    Rental Manager
    Responsabile Locazioni

  • Antonio Augustin

    Commercial Activities and Companies Sales Manager
    Responsabile Fondi e Attività Commerciali

  • Patrizia Incerti

    Broker Manager
    Responsabile Acquisizioni

  • Tommaso Sbardella

    Legal Consultant
    Consulente Legale