2021, a special year:
we celebrate the 40th anniversary of our company

1981 - 2021: Forty years of intense work, changes, innovative, yet sometimes daring choices, always characterized by commitment,
passion and respect for our numerous customers.

In 1981, the year in which Procasa Immobiliare was founded, real estate agencies were mostly managed by a single person,
and operated out of small basements of buildings in which the only working tools were, besides a person’s memory, outdated real estate bill books and clients.

Today, forty years later, the work has changed profoundly as a result of digitalization, a considerable increase in competition and the need for ever more in-depth knowledge
about legal aspects, taxes, urban planning and land-registry knowledge, which is why there is a continuous and constant need to keep up-to-date.
Today, in such a fast-paced world that is full of changes, being still present as a reality in the La Spezia area makes us very proud and, at the same time,
stimulates us to constantly improve our services with the aim of continuing to accompany you in what is one of the most significant choices of your life.

After 40 years from our founding, we are aware that the results obtained are not a result of chance, but that our reliableness and our unwavering commitment,
essential aspects and essential rules, have led our company to become what it is today.

Proud to celebrate our 40th anniversary, we take this opportunity to thank our collaborators and employees, both past and present,
who have made it possible for our company to grow continuously and constantly, and who are an integral part of our history.
They have all stood out for their skills, reliability and resourcefulness, thus contributing to the creation of our large family, Procasa Immobiliare.

We are proud and convinced that these 40 years are only a small milestone for an agency that will continue to function over time,
and even if the actors change, our film will last forever.

Achille Sbardella Siniscalchi
Procasa Immobiliare